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Hi guys…..

Hope you all been doing good and having a great day and mid summer, hoping your days have been filled with Fun and magic and great times,

thinking of you guys and hoping to see and catch up with you all soon in my room on MFC and hoping to hear from you all you here & twitter to know you all are doing good!

I’m doing great, been having a lazy day today, and feeling good and rested up right now,

been working on the site hard and almost at the point of starting to build & add on the Wicca stuff soon!! So I cant wait for that,

now I’m off to take the dog out and feed him, and I want to start up some water on things too, my grass and roses are dieing cause of all the heat I’ve been having lately,

But then I will be working my way on MFC to hang and play with you all! I so cant wait, and been missing you all lots and lots and been thinking of you guys,

now I just want to see, play and hang with you all now too lol, I will be heading on in like a hour or so, but I will be posting you all when I am logging on so you all don’t miss me,

Hope you all having a great day, and hope to hear and hang with you all soon!!! Cant wait!!!

                                   XOXO SxySindy


Today I got up kind of early from not being up like all yesterday, yesterday was sleep catch up day I guess lol,

and then today I did some cleaning, the norm pet stuff, laundry and then I looked and caught up on the posts,

Now I started up some food (mushrooms & onions) and now typing out this post, thinking of you guys, 

 I’m going to head on to MFC in like 10 to 15mins to come hang and play with you all for some late night Friday fun and early morning hanging!!!!

I so cant wait and I hope you all had a good Friday, and Hope to see and play with you all in my room soon!!!

                                   XOXO SxySindy

good morning guys

I hope you are having a wonderful morning. I got up about an hour maybe an hour and a half ago or so,

And I just wanted to say hi to you and wanna let you know that I’m thinking of you guys,

missing you all and disappointed that I didn’t make it on yesterday night, but I plan to be on today!!

I’m do hoping to see you all then and I’m off for some morning coffee right now, my first cup of the day!

I hope to hear from you all soon and see you all later. I will post again when I know more what’s up and what I’m doing,

So stay tuned for the latest in exciting SxySindy news lol talk to ya all soon with more updates!

thinking of you all and hope you all have a wonderful Friday! Woohoo TGIF!!

Xoxo SxySindy

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